About Us

Premier Ocean Artist Scott Walt

Artist. painting. Turtles, and various sea life

Born and raised in Southern California I've been drawn to the ocean my entire life. Surfing, diving, swimming and basically all water sports have been my passion. I studied art from a young age and eventually graduated from art school with a BA in fine art and graphic design. I've taught as well as actively been painting for over 30 years and I wish to share my love with you. I hope you enjoy the work - there are many other pieces available as well. Feel free to contact me and discuss your interests, visions, and possible commissions to create a work especially for YOU!


Humpback Whale under the surface of the water. Painting in oils

So many new and exciting works available now and coming soon. I hope you find your special piece. 

Let's work to materialize YOUR vision

Wave painting from the inside looking out towards a brilliant sunset. Oil on Canvas.

You have a unique taste, an individual vision. YOU ARE the one I create for. Let's work together to make your dream a reality.