Artist Bio

Scott H. Walt

As  an ocean artist, I find that my unique perspective - from a life-long  relationship -  has given me a great sense of those small details many artist don't observe regarding the relationship between water and reflective light. . And in this, I set my brushstrokes accordingly. Reflecting light upon the water is a great dance, and I attribute these decades of involvement with her as testimony to my work.  I enjoy painting landscapes and cityscapes as well. New York City is a favorite. Such character. 

Living most of my life on the beaches in Encinitas, Ca.  I have enjoyed various other  locations as well: Buloxi, Mississippi, Northern California, Arizona, and Texas to name a few.

My interests in art were brought about at a very young age - around 5 or 6. It was just a pulling toward that end and as I grew older my parents saw that I had a great passion and pushed me wholeheartedly onto that path. 

In mid and high school I drew and painted every chance and entered every class available. It was a great time. I became a Teacher's aide when possible and all my free time was consumed with creating art.  

I was obsessed. I entered an Art's college in '81, and gained an BFA in 1984. I haven't looked back since. 

Over the years I have been featured in, (and  on) local magazines and regional  (CW6),Television. 

I have been in numerous shows (8 Great Artists, Exhibition at the Lyceum Theatre,  Gallery 21 in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.)  with the San Diego Museum of Art. And won a couple international shows and various competitions as well.

I strive to paint daily - if time allows -  and cherish the  craft, not only my own work,  but the work of other artist. We - as artist's - put our hearts and souls into the process and I support all who have chosen this formidable task.  The world is a better place  for it for sure.

From 2005-2015, I taught for the Federal Bureau of prisons and created their art's curriculum to serve as a guide nationwide.  Teaching prisoners in beginning and advanced  drawing, beginning and advanced painting in oils, perspective, anatomy, color theory, mixing, brush and material identification and must more. It was truly an amazing thing to watch the fellas gain confidence and self worth through the arts. Their personal growth  was  a vision to behold.